Active Course Proposals

Each course proposal allows readers/students to comment on their interest, or to suggest tweaks that might make it more interesting. The comments boxes are not meant for disagreement. They are tools for bringing students and teachers closer together. Students or potential students can indicate what attracts them to the course. Teachers should read the comments and refine the proposal (or not) accordingly, perhaps adding a response of their own.

Students should also note that teachers are ready to serve as supports for independent studies. See their autobiographies for areas in which they work.

As this becomes clear, teachers should also indicate acceptable (barter) alternatives to cash payments for the course. For example, a share in a CSA farm, auto repair, a bicycle, time trades. Not all teachers will use this method of fee reduction or replacement, but some will, and inventiveness is encouraged. Most of all we encourage transparency and dialogue between students and teachers about money.

Spring 2010 (March and April)
Warming Term 2010 (Anarchy Summer School and more)
Fall 2010 (mid-September to mid-November)

Courses requiring teachers
Independent study proposals

Teachers may also organize, alone or together, sequences or constellations of courses to provide in-depth exposure, training or analysis in one discipline or area. These are highly distinctive, and not necessarily permanent fixtures in the curriculum. Students are invited to propose such sequences to teachers if there is sympathy between interest and expertise.

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