Most colleges, because they conceive of their degrees as commodities and since they sell them on an open market, close up the gates to restrict access. Though many colleges are now embracing an open access policy, at our college, we impose no such artificial barriers . You will not need to fill out a lengthy application, submit transcripts, nor pay a fee to apply. If you want to enroll in courses in this college, you need only show up at the first meeting and pay the fees to the teacher (or pursue alternative arrangements). Since we don't track admissions, we'll never be beholden to the student market, we'll never track you down later to ask for money.

We would, however, like to know that students are interested in the courses on offer, and how many. So we ask that you indicate your interest by going to the "Active Course Proposals" page, look at what's being offered, and comment on at least one of them if you plan to enroll.

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