Anarchism After Leftism

This course will explore the typological categories and texts that have been organized under a number of overlapping rubrics. Specifically the differences between Post-Modern anarchism, Post-Left anarchism, Ontological anarchism and type-3 or Watson Anarchism will be discussed while keeping in mind what each typology marginalizes and presupposes. While the focus on typology will lead us to work with a number of secondary source, we will spend the majority of our time with the primary sources being categorized. Primary sources will include Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Max Stirner, Robert Anton Wilson, Bob Black, Hakim Bey, John Zerzan, The Ruckus Society, Jason McQuinn, CrimethINC, and the Tarnac 9. Secondary Sources will include Murray Bookchin, Lewis Call, Jonathon Perkis, James Bowden, and David Graeber. All of these sources will be available for free to download.
(proposed by Christian Greer)

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