Christian Greer

B.A. Religious Studies : Boston University
M.A. Hermetic Philosophy : University of Amsterdam
I am currently pursuing an MDiv. degree at Harvard Divinity School.

In terms of academic interests I primarily enjoy discussing religion, more specifically Zen (Soto/Rinzai) Buddhism, Western Esotericism/ Occultism, and environmental philosophy/ spirituality (like Deep Ecology and Neo-Paganism). I am also interested in looking further into what has been alternatively termed 'lifestyle anarchism' or 'post-left anarchism'. In terms of non-textual areas of interests, I enjoy Japanese film after 1950, zine making, "contemporary art" (whatever in god's name that is), American-British mod/punk rock, skateboarding films, and horror cinema.

One of my oldest passions is xenophilia, more specifically the art of traveling (even if it is in one's own neighborhood). As such I look to the Situationists for inspiration (see: psychogeography, Unitary Urbanism) and most usually find it. As soon as I can figure out how to do it I plan on organizing a course on traveling/squatting where we can discuss our past experiences on the road and fruitful ways to make traveling something that it usually is not. Even though it has been a while since I moved, I still consider Tokyo my home. And I promise not to subject anyone to slide-shows when we get the travel course started.

Financial Structures


Ultimately, I am leaning away from a strictly monetary based exchange. Instead, I am interested in arranging a 'gifting' method of compensation. While I will always be happy to accept some homemade food as compensation, I am also in need of a few things you may have- especially a bike, philosophy books and a chair! Also, I am going to have a 'tipping' option, so if you feel compelled to throw me a few dollars after an especially rousing, enlightening, aggravating, or simply uplifting class, I would also encourage that.

Please talk to me directly if you plan on taking the entirety of either of my courses. Not only will this give both of us a better picture of what you want to get out of the class (a publishable book review? A better knowledge of the subject? A conference paper?), but it will also allow us to arrange a fair, perhaps 'lump sum' method of payment.

If you plan on dropping in on a class or two or three or four, I would encourage you to tip or bring what you can (in terms of food) as payment. But that too is negotiable.

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