You've heard something about anarchism, maybe in relation to Nietzsche, feminism, anti-racist work, marxism, Stirner. Perhaps you have friends who are libertarians (and doesn't liberty have some relation to anarchy), or who follow the objectivism of Ayn Rand. What is anarchy about? How does it diifer from anarchism? What qualifies one as an anarchist? Do you have to wear a black mask and throw rocks at plate glass windows? How come you never see anarchists on television? What do anarchists have to do with computer programming and the web?

Alongside the diversity of courses otherwise available, the college offers a track of study during our Warming Term to introduce students to anarchy as a positive social order.

Likely course topics?
Who were they and When did they live?
What did or do they do?
What are the most common ideas?
How can I make it viable?
Anarchy for Christians: Ellul and Eller

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