Jeff Reinhardt

Education Biography

What I want to teach.:

I love cooking, baking, and food preservation. I could offer classes in the basics of certain types of cooking. I do sourdough and artisan bread baking. I also like to dry herbs and spices, can and preserve foods, and root cellar (to a certain extent).

I also enjoy gardening and growing food. I could teach permaculture techniques as well as theory. I am still learning in this field too, as our many permaculturists. I would have my focus be on urban food production but also talk about the history practice of truly rural farming.

I also love to write and publish independently. I could teach various forms of writing (fiction, nonfiction, journalism). I also would love to teach independent publishing including the process of editing, copyediting, layout and design, photo editing, production, printing, and distribution. I would also be interested in teaching/working on radical art projects and propaganda.

I also could teach bike repair (as in bicycles). I did this for a job for many years.

What I want to learn:
I was raised right outside of Boston and taught in a public school. Most of my education was based around the five basic subjects: math, history, English, science, and a foreign language. I often felt something was missing. I started doing more learning outside of school. This came in a number of excursions into the underground life that I currently choose to live. Maybe not underground, but alternative.

Anyway, I want to learn a lot of practical skills right now.
I’m interested in woodworking and construction. Also in metal working/welding. I also have been learning some car repair skills. That is something I am really interested in.

I would love to learn more about helping people with “disabilities” and helping people navigate the social services system to get the services they deserve. I would like to learn more about fighting poverty on an urban scale as well as in the country.

History is another subject I am interested in. I would take an anarchist history course in a second if it was ever offered to me. Labor history too.

In terms of philosophy I am interested in learning more about the situationists philosophy and guy debord (as well as the rest of the group). I cannot say for sure what philosophy I am interested in learning because I am convinced that there are philosophies I do not know yet and that are currently being created. I am interested in this cutting edge philosophy.

I am always interested in learning radical songs, poetry, or performances from the past as well as creating my own. If there was a singing or song group that studied revolutionary songs I would be psyched.

So that’s all I can think of now.

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