Suren Moodliar

Suren Moodliar is a coordinator of Massachusetts Global Action, an
organization challenging corporate globalization. He worked on the
Boston Social Forum and helped found the encuentro 5
"movement-building space" in Boston's Chinatown (see He also oversees the "Color of Water"
project that promotes the UN-recognized Human Right to Water.

He has served as executive director of the Organizers' Collaborative and
coordinated the 9th and 10th annual Grassroots Use of Technology
Conferences (see His prior experiences
include co-managing a US-Canadian network of 65 labor and
community-based organizations, advocating for an effective
international public health treaty by working with grassroots
organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, participating in
several successful labor union organizing drives and immigrant
campaigns, and working in the South African national liberation
struggle. He completed his undergraduate education in political
science & geology at Indiana University and graduate school at UCLA in
African area studies and Urban Planning.

Suren has taught courses on Water and Human Rights, Introductory
Social Theory (Marx, Weber & Durheim), Race and Postmodern Thought,
and Comparative Social Movements. Together with fellow organizers, he
has authored several papers on the World Social Forum process, network
theory, and the global division of labor.

He also conducts skill-building workshops on New Media and Content
Management Systems. He is interested in developing a course of
Organizing Tactics and Strategies in the 21st Century.

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