The Anarchy Of Primitive Daoism

The life philosophy of Daoism and the social philosophy of anarchism form a single way of being in the world. In this course we read the classical philosophy of the Dao De Jing and Zhuangzi. Other writings by philosopher Francois Jullien and David Hall provide counterpoint. Expect to gain insight into optimizing your personal life and contributing with more fluidity and suppleness and with less force to collective life.
1 Basic concepts of anarchism and Daoism
2 Dao De Jing – atheism and the Daoist understanding of personality
3 Dao De Jing – small-statism
4 Zhuangzi – anti-statism
5 Zhuangzi – DIY life
6 Jullien, Hall: additional takes on Daoism
Chinese works will be read in translation:
Daodejing – trans. by Roger Ames and David Hall
or Zhuangzi, trans. by Brook Ziporyn
Excerpts from Jullien, Hall

proposed by Eric Buck

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