To See And Ponder. Another Mode Of Philosophy

The difference of phenomenology is not to argue and reach conclusions, but to see, describe, and set one to pondering. This course is an opportunity to shift into a less conflictual way of doing philosophy, and a way that is less worshipful of the classical figures (if you should happen to meet the founder on the road, kill him). We learn to philosophize for ourselves by learning how to do it phenomenologically. This course will be peripatetic, meditational, and collaborative.

Readings will likely be from three models: Maurice Merleau-Ponty (The Phenomenology of Perception), J.H. van den Berg (Things), and Erazim Kohak (The Embers and the Stars).

Competencies: perceptive sensitivity, enjoyment of the commonplace, descriptive power, wild writing.

Proposed by Eric Buck

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